Random Devotional 3: We Are Like Ewoks

Originally Posted: May 26, 2006 (Age 17)

I was watching Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi the other day when I noticed something that intrigued me.

When the Ewoks capture Luke and Han and their group, they think that the droid C3PO is a god. They place him on a primitive throne and prepare to roast the humans in a banquet in his honor. Obviously, it wouldn’t do for the good guys to give up the universe to the big bad boys of the dark side because of a few stupid furry creatures who want to eat them. Leia, who has somehow befriended the Ewoks and is not part of the dinner, tells C3PO, “Tell them they must be set free.”

He conveys the message to the Ewoks, who do not like this. They shake their heads, their leader barks orders, and they pile more wood on the barbeque. Only moments ago they were treating C3PO like a god! Shouldn’t they obey his every command? It’s not that they suddenly stopped thinking he was a god; they just didn’t like this god’s new command.

Well, we often treat God like this. On the face of things, sure, we’ll obey God. After all, he is God. But then we come across commands that we don’t want to follow. So we shake our heads and continue in our rebellious ways. It’s not that we don’t think he’s God anymore; we just don’t want to obey everything.

Yet if we step back and think about it, this is foolishness. We obeyed him before because he was God, and nothing has changed about that!

After Luke used the force to make C3PO float in the air, the Ewoks obeyed his commands. But now they were not obeying him because he was a god. They were obeying him because they were afraid to disobey him.

This may not all completely transfer theologically, but the basic point is, as you go about your life obeying God, you can either do it because he is God or because you are afraid of the further consequences of disobedience. The first choice is much more peaceful and satisfying.