Random Devotional 4: If I Were Crazy, Then Would You Still Call Me…

Originally Posted: July 16, 2006 (Age 17)

College is like riding a ride at Six Flags that you’ve never done before. You didn’t decide to get in line, but they put you in line twelve years ago. A few people give up and turn around before they get to the ride, but most of them just keep filing through, so you figure you might as well be one of them.

It shouldn’t be scary, because you see the people ahead of you on the ride, and you know exactly what’s coming. But it is still kinda scary, because even though you know what it looks like, you don’t know how the experience is going to effect you. So instead of thinking too much about it and making yourself nervous, you just pretend it’s still a long ways away and try to enjoy yourself where you are in line, having fun with the friends around you, because they’re in line just like you are.

Finally, however, it’s your turn. They strap you in and up you go. You’ve been training for this for years; you’re as ready as you could ever be, and now you’re being taken to the top. You look down and see the people behind you in line, waiting for their turn.

You get to the top and it stops. Reflection time. Here you are, about to start an exciting stage of your life. Before you know it, it will all be over. Even though you know exactly what’s about to happen, you’re really starting to get nervous now.

There’s just so much uncertainty. Sure, you’ve picked out a major, and you know what your interests are, but those aren’t completely the same things. Truth is, you have know idea what you’re supposed to do with your life. Sure, you have an idea of what the perfect girl looks like, but you haven’t met her yet, and you know you never will, but your lingering latest crush doesn’t seem close enough, yet you don’t know why it won’t go away, either. Truth is, you have no idea who you’re going to marry, or who your next relationship will be, or if those are completely the same things.

People arrive at these things at different times in their lives. Other cars on the other sides of the tower start dropping, and you know that your time is about to come, but you don’t know when. It seems to be a completely random process.

But you know it’s been done thousands of times before. You know that it’s not random, that it’s being controlled by a power beyond yours, and that each car will drop at its proper time. You are reassured of the harness supporting you, and you know that God has you in his hands, and everything is under control. In that instant, as you overlook the ground below and everything that you have come from, you surrender yourself to his plan, his purpose, his perfect designs.

And then you fall.

You are completely terrified.

And then everything slows down, and you think, that was awesome.

You reach the ground, and everything is exactly as it is supposed to be.

You may not be Superman, but you know you can fly.