inside my brain

Do you hear what I hear?

My discovery last week that I could not hear the same pitches as each of my peers inspired some philosophical thoughts about our senses and the nature of our existence. It is well known that intense exposure to sound can permanently damage hearing. In fact, the greater the sound, the greater risk of greater damage to your ears.

My ears were designed to take in sound, but every time I expose myself to too much pure sound, I risk further restricting the range of my hearing ~ the more pure sound I receive, the more impure my ability to take in sound becomes.

Light works in the same way. My eyes were designed to take in light, but if the light becomes too bright, it hurts my eyes. The closest thing to pure light in our experience is the sun, and if I stare at it for too long, my eyesight could be damaged or I could go blind.

What does this say about ourselves that the more we exposure ourselves to a pure quality, the more impure we make our ability to receive it?

Our corrupted bodies simply can’t handle pure light or pure sound, and the more they try, the more they destroy the limited capacity they have.

Why then do we wonder at our inability to reach God on our own? For what light is more pure than that which emanates from him? And what sound is more pure than his voice? Why do we wonder that our finite minds cannot comprehend the infinite love of God? Should we not be in complete awe that it is only his infinite grace that cleanses us to even allow us to be capable of receiving it?

Then sings my soul
My Savior, God, to Thee
How great Thou art!