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The Case Against Torture

This post has moved to my non-music site. Click to read why conservatives should oppose torture. Excerpt below:

“In addition, torture is impractical. Even under the ridiculously implausible scenario where there is a nuclear bomb about to decimate the country and a captured terrorist is supposed to know something about it, there is no guarantee that he has any information to give. And if he does, there is no guarantee that he would reveal it, or that he would not reveal the wrong information to send the authorities on a wild-goose chase until it was too late. Torture occurs under a pile of assumptions that the terrorist has information, that torture will make him reveal it, and that what he reveals will be accurate. If any one of these conditions are false, the procedure has been at best a waste of time, and at worst a gross infringement of rights by a country which claims to protect fundamental human rights.”

“Individualism is one of the foundations of conservatism, which cries out against the government taking more of the individual’s money for the greater good of social programs. So why are conservatives the ones defending torture if the results are for the greater good?”