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Modesty Schmodesty

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She notes how the pressure has turned to women being expected to have sex with their men even if they don’t yet want to. When comparing advice offered in magazines of different ages, she reveals, “In 1905, a man who was too presuming wasn’t ‘fit to be welcomed’ in society, while in 1997 the problem is the woman’s. Now it is up to her to invent various arbitrary maneuvers to alleviate her discomfort, whereas before it was the man’s job to demonstrate he was worthy of her.”

In an earlier age, it was the man who had to prove himself worthy of a woman’s love and attention; now women have to worry about satisfying their men, many of whom who will without a second thought move on to someone else who’s more fun or who doesn’t start talking about marriage and commitment once she finds that she has an emotional attachment to this man she’s been sleeping with – an emotional attachment that cannot seem to be gotten rid of no matter how hard our society tries to promote casual sex. Perhaps there’s a reason for that, Shalit offers.