Random Devotional 7: Making Choices

One of the spiritual lessons we can learn from our current financial crisis is about how God bails us out, so to speak, especially when we’re not sure about the choices we’re making.

The beautiful thing about the coexistence of God’s divine plan and our free will is that there’s nothing we can do to ruin God’s plan. He is so creative that he could come up with a million different ways to accomplish every one of his purposes, and when we make a poor or wrong choice, it’s just an opportunity for him to rearrange things to still accomplish his purpose.

The classic example of this is Joseph’s brothers who sold him into slavery. They intended it for evil, but God used it to save the lives of thousands of people across Egypt (Genesis 50:20).

Obviously, this does not give us a blank check to make reckless or unwise decisions. Just because God’s overall plan will still be accomplished does not mean that we cannot create consequences or pain and hardship for ourselves – or worse, for others.

But it should give us a confidence that when we’re in a situation where we’re unsure about which direction to take (should I wear my blue shirt or my red shirt today?), in the long run it doesn’t really matter because God is able to make things work out either way. God promises to work things for the good of those who love him (Romans 8:28).

When you’re unsure about something, you should consider the matter, pray, and seek wisdom and counsel. Do everything you can to make sure you’re not being led by selfish desires (Philippians 2:3). But if you still feel clueless, there is no need to despair or worry that you’re going to screw things up!

God has not given us a spirit of fear (Zech. 4:6), and he has told us to be strong and courageous (Joshua 1:8). So have confidence! If God can take the selfish, hateful actions of Joseph’s brothers and use it to save thousands of lives, how much more can he work with our fretful stabs at righteousness! God is creative enough to accomplish his purposes no matter what we do, and if we trust in him, he will direct our paths.