This Tuesday: New As Cities Burn, Jars of Clay, Manchester Orchestra

Albums that interest me are coming out in clusters these days. I’m already anticipating three releases on May 19, but there are three albums releasing April 21 that I am either definitely or strongly considering buying.

As Cities Burn – Hell or High Water
These guys are more melodic than they used to be, but still pumping out talent and good songwriting. I actually was never exposed to their older stuff enough to get into it… People compared Come, Now Sleep
to Underoath’s Define the Great Line, which was the quintessential album that got me into that kind of music, but when I listened to Come, Now Sleep it just didn’t grab me the same way. But I’ve been keeping an eye on them and streaming the new songs on their MySpace, and it seems like it may be worth getting. I haven’t had a chance to digest the lyrics too much yet, although “Gates” is sweet and fairly epic.

Jars of Clay – The Long Fall Back to Earth
I didn’t even realize these guys had a new album about to come out until I saw a news post on They’ve been around for a long time and keep reinventing themselves to stay fresh, and always with sold songwriting… I really enjoyed 2006’s Good Monsters and last year’s indie-ish “Closer” single. The entire album is streaming here, and after 30 seconds I figured this one could be as valuable as Good Monsters. Two songs later I was set on buying it and decided to save the rest for Tuesday when it’s in my hands.

Manchester Orchestra – Mean Everything to Nothing
Another interesting band that, like As Cities Burn, I haven’t
really been exposed to or gotten into, but I keep meeting people who love them so I’ve been keeping an eye on new stuff. Their entire album is streaming on MySpace, and I’ll probably listen to it all before deciding on buying it, but what I’ve had time to stream so far sounds promising.