First Impressions: As Cities Burn

Hell or High Water, released today, $9.99 at Best Buy.

First listen in car driving back to school and later to work.

Hard to describe. I like it, but maybe not quite as much as I want to. A lot of distortion on guitars and even some vocals.. deliberately not polished production, which, combined with the often sparse or haphazard rhythms and melodies, often makes it take a little longer for me to digest.

Not to say that it’s not good when it’s moving.. Some drumming reminded me of Deas Vail, some guitars of Thrice. Good songwriting. I think I’m going to like a lot of the lyrics.

Lot of contrast on this album.. sometimes subtle, sometimes intense; sometimes raw, sometimes layered; glimpses of hopelessness and glorious hope.

Is that the guy from Jonezetta on the last track? Kinda sounds like him.

The rawer parts are gonna have to grow on me, but in one word the first listen was “promising.”