First Impressions: Jars of Clay

The Long Fall Back to Earth, released today, $9.99 at Best Buy.

First listen while walking around campus between lunch, classes, and house.

Lots of solid pink on the artwork.

Coldplay-esque intro… I’m a sucker for that sort of building mellow rock groove thing.. Very polished and nice.

A very solid album here. Spanning the wide and overtrod domain of pop and rock, halfway between “indie” and “commercialized” – this is exactly what this kind of music is meant to sound like, with good melodies and good musical layers.

Often reminiscent of Snow Patrol or Death Cab with strong guitar-led ballads.. more piano in this one and also the occasional horn or accordion.. a bit of synthed indie-ish dance-ish stuff too.. and a bit of percussive-driven Muse-like intensity.

Haven’t digested the lyrics too much and they may generally be so-so.. but we’ll see. I like so-so lyrics to solid music almost as much as solid lyrics to so-so music.

In one word, the first listen was “pleasant” and I look forward to more.


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