I’ll Probably Pass on Manchester Orchestra

I streamed the album on MySpace a couple times. The music was decent, but generally (though I don’t claim to be consistent), unless the music really grabs me, it’s the lyrics that make it or break it for me.

And while he frequently mentions God and Jesus and the like, it often seemed cynical and I kept getting the impression that he was mocking the God I believe in more often than he was praising him… Tack on some cussing in three or four songs and I felt like invoking the “permissible but not beneficial” clause. I only have time to delve into so much music (and it gets increasingly harder as I discover more and more), and when I have to start selecting I tend to gravitate toward the stuff that’s a stronger representation of Truth (and there’s so much more of that than there used to be). I’ll still borrow and spin it before passing final judgment (it’s supposed to be $7.99 at Best Buy if you’re so inclined), but I don’t think I’ll be adding it to my collection.

I do still intend to find time today to pick up the new releases by As Cities Burn (as I’ve heard great things and I really want to be a fan; hopefully they’ll amaze me) and Jars of Clay (as I’m already a long-term fan of their versatility and songwriting; hopefully this record won’t have too much “pop”), both supposed to be $9.99 at Best Buy. I’ll post first impressions of those tonight or tomorrow.