Artists I’ve Discovered Since Switchfoot Last Released An Album

Way back in December 2006, I either did not consider myself of a fan of the following, or I did not know they existed:

– Deas Vail
– Children 18:3
– Thrice
– David Crowder Band
– mewithoutYou
– Tyler Burkum
– House of Heroes
– Brave Saint Saturn
– Project 86
– A Fine Frenzy
– The Glorious Unseen
– Showbread
– Ian McIntosh

For years I’ve given Switchfoot the honorary title of “my favorite band,” but it’s been so long since they put out an album that I wonder how true that still is. As I listen to my Switchfoot catalogue I still find myself loving Jon Foreman’s songwriting and the band’s sound, and I loved the direction they were taking with their last album (Like Relient K, Foreman has grown with me and my tastes, from the poppy Beautiful Letdown to the more experimental alt-rock of Oh! Gravity), and I generally adored Foreman’s solo stuff that came afterwards.

But still, it will have been two months shy of three years by the time Hello Hurricane comes out this October. My musical tastes have grown and changed so much since then and I’ve discovered so much new music since then.

I had barely scratched the surface of all things hardcore with Underoath; I was only just beginning to say goodbye to Kutless; and I was still overly impressed by Skillet. I had moved on from my Christian-contemporary-radio beginnings but I was still largely a product of the Christian-rock-radio scene and I hadn’t even been to my first Cornerstone yet!

It’s amazing how much can change in only three years. As the last few months of 2006 came around, I was only heavily anticipating Switchfoot. This year I’m also heavily anticipating MUTEMATH, David Crowder Band, Relient K, Thrice, and hopefully Deas Vail, to say nothing of the albums I’m still really looking forward to.

My “favorite band” doesn’t have an open playing field this time around, and it will be a merciless battle for my Album Of The Year… Stay tuned.


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  1. HI Joshua,
    I just started my own blog on wordpress and found yours while searching around on the site…it’s a great blog! I was also just thinking about how long it’s been since Switchfoot has released an album…but it looks like you have found a pretty good list of artists since then. Their new cd is due to drop in October, I believe, and I’m pretty excited!

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