cornerstone, music


2010’s Saturday was much more pleasant than last year’s, primarily due to not having twelve hours of rain turn the grounds into The Passage of the Marshes. Even so, it was getting to be that time again – time to return home, and we packed up our stuff after breakfast.

Emily and I visited the merch tent one more time to look at the rain sticks, and after seeing that they were 50% off (LAST DAY!) we decided, “Let’s get the big one!” I proceeded to carry it around for the rest of the day.

House of Heroes played an early afternoon show on the Main Stage. We stayed for a bit under the hot sun, but as much as I loved their last album I still haven’t found their Cornerstone shows to be particularly exciting. (Although they played one of their new songs that I’d heard online and it made me like it more. New album drops in a couple weeks.)

We left to go see Children 18:3 play their second show in a small generator tent, which again was a lot of fun. They played a couple old songs they skipped at their first show, including the full “All My Balloons,” as well as some new songs again (which meant we were singing along to the chorus of “Oh Bravo” before we ever heard the recording).

By now the eventful week was taking its toll on our weary bodies, and we chilled at the Gallery for a bit… I killed three flies with a Chariot card. We spent my last $9 of cash at one of the food vendors and came back to see O’Brother, the young groovers who recently toured once with Thrice and once with Deas Vail. On this day, of course, they were accompanied by Timbre, whose harp we saw on a stage a total of six times that week.

Zach dragged us to the merch tent one last time to get some Children 18:3 autographs. This time we chatted a bit with the mom, who asked where we were from and pulled out her little calendar to tell us when they were coming to St. Louis for their fall tour (tentatively, the day after we get back from our honeymoon!).

If I lived down the street I would have stayed to see Demon Hunter and The..Prada close out the festival on the Main Stage, but we were ready to start the three-and-a-half hour drive home. We popped in the new Children 18:3 album, made a quick stop in Bushnell to clear off the week of dust from my car and get some DQ blizzards, and headed home.

Thanks for all the memories, Cornerstone. We’ll see you next year!