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Luke Parker – Home

Luke Parker - Home - coverLuke Parker recently released Home, a worshipful acoustic EP that falls somewhere in the middle of songwriting favorites like Jon Foreman, Andrew Peterson, and Derek Webb. Quiet guitar picking and light strings introduce the title track. Harmonies and vocal layers add depth as the track builds into a rising yet relaxing progression (Almost like an acoustic version of the Ember Days’ ambiance. And also from New Zealand.) Will you light my way home? I’ll take your hand, Luke sings as it fades.

The light feel and infectious melody of “Sweet Surrender” almost recall the old acoustic side of Jars of Clay, especially with the violin, and the extra vocals and rhythms on the chorus solidify the rich and calming atmosphere. Luke’s voice has a nice, soft quality in these songs. On “In Quietness,” he sings, You break the silence / Your voice it inspires / And I am awe of your love / You bring a newness / of life in its fulness / Revealing the plans of your heart.

“Chase the World” has a strumming rhythm that maybe brings it closer to a Shane & Shane ballad, while “Selah” features some distant piano lines. Throughout the EP Luke sings of patience, contentment, and honest requests for God’s presence and refreshment. In fact the entire album almost feels like a musical and lyrical interpretation of Psalm 23 without actually referencing any of its verses. On the closing track, “My Soul Lays Bare,” Luke confesses, Your waters of peace / They cover me / You have captured my heart / I’m longing to be with you.

Home is a worthy collection of songs to listen to in times of prayer and meditation, or simply as a calm refresher on a drive out to the country. Give them a listen at Luke’s bandcamp.