concert log

7.13.2011 – Cicero’s – Timbre, Josh Ehrmann

Date: 7.13.2011
Venue: Cicero’s (Delmar Loop, St. Louis)
Lineup: Timbre / Josh Ehrmann / Thomas Jefferson

Beautiful show last night at Cicero’s. I wasn’t familiar with the opening act, a guitarist called Thomas Jefferson, and he was OK. Overall I wasn’t too impressed, but I liked his first song that portrayed a healthy mix of faith and doubt, and one of his guitar riffs, and a line that went something like, “I don’t know which is harder / Falling asleep, or waking up.”

Josh Ehrmann is a friend I’ve seen countless times but still love to see every chance I get, and apparently so do many of our mutual friends. His songwriting and compositions continue to improve, and his voice continues to explore a nice range. I truly love the songs on his EP from last November, and he really needs to record a full-length with all of the songs that he has now. I don’t know how or who, but the world needs it. Josh only played last night because he is touring as one of Timbre’s musicians, but that means she got to sing the harmonies she sang on his EP – a unique experience even for those of us who have seen Josh by himself so many times.

And Timbre’s set was simply beautiful. We almost had a reason not to come last night because we had seen several times in the year or so, but her show blew her Cornerstone segments out of the water, at least for us. Partly because we got to be up close in a more intimate setting singing along with dozens of St. Louis fans and both contributing to and experiencing in the joy emanating from the players. Partly because I think the touring musicians had (quite understandably) a bit of a tighter sound than her Cornerstone ensemble did. Partly because, for the first time in several shows, I heard her play “The Wind May Be Beautiful,” which is simply a gorgeous song. The lyrics about patience and growth are so good I was literally beaming as I sang along to them, and it is still my #1 song of 2010 and probably this entire decade thus far. The new song (“Singing and Singing”) shows she can still write wonderful harp riffs. “Fireflies” sounds more like fireflies every time I heart it, and “Dawn Awake” was the most enjoyable I’ve ever heard it.

As a quick bonus, Timbre mentioned to a group of us before the show that she felt like God had “redeemed” touring for her on this trip, because she had been getting burnt out but the guys with her this time were being so encouraging to each other and telling each other things they liked about them and just creating such a positive community-like environment. Josh also told us about a kid that got saved and apparently baptized at their show the previous night. Fun stuff. I’m glad for every opportunity to share life with these beautiful people.