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Christian Album Sales – Week of 12/27/11

There were not a lot of albums by Christian musicians on the Billboard 200 from the week that began after Christmas, as many of the Christmas albums fell off, and many previously popular albums reappeared on the chart as people bought albums with Christmas gift cards.

Artist Album Rk This Week Total Real Total MS%
Susan Boyle Someone To Watch Over Me 67 11309 478289 485,279 98.60%
Casting Crowns Come To The Well 104 7328 137173 322,412 42.5%
Various Wow Hits 2012 120 6344 58992 164,801 29.0%
Chris Tomlin How Great Is Our God 154 4978 35759 93,778 38.1%

(For whatever reason, Soundscan includes sales from Christian outlets in their weekly totals that determine the Billboard 200 chart positions, but they don’t include them in their reported totals. So I just add up all the weekly totals and compare them to the reported totals to see how many sales are missing from Christian outlets.)

The latest Casting Crowns album has crossed the 300,000 mark in real sales. Chris Tomlin’s compilation album will cross 100,000 soon.