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Christian Album Sales – Week of 1/3/12

Nothing new on the charts last week, although Switchfoot and Skillet made it back into the Billboard 200. We look forward to seeing David Crowder Band’s last album on the next chart.

Artist Album Rk This Week Total Real Total MS%
Susan Boyle Someone To Watch Over Me 55 8,298 486,371 493,577 98.5%
Casting Crowns Come To The Well 84 5,896 140,833 328,308 42.9%
Various Wow Hits 2012 86 5,731 61,610 170,532 29.6%
Chris Tomlin How Great Is Our God 88 5,562 39,074 99,340 39.3%
Skillet Awake 128 3,716 678,062 682,882 92.4%
Switchfoot Vice Verses 180 3,288 87,053 124,976 69.6%

(For whatever reason, Soundscan includes sales from Christian outlets in their weekly totals that determine the Billboard 200 chart positions, but they don’t include them in their reported totals. So I just add up all the weekly totals and compare them to the reported totals to see how many sales are missing from Christian outlets.)

I don’t have the whole sales history for Skillet’s Awake, and their real total is probably easily over 700,000 if not 750,000. Casting Crowns’s latest is well over 300,000 in real sales, and Chris Tomlin’s compilation album should cross the 100,000 mark next week.