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Cornerstone 2011

This year I posted my Cornerstone writeups to Indie Vision Music. See links below:

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2010’s Saturday was much more pleasant than last year’s, primarily due to not having twelve hours of rain turn the grounds into The Passage of the Marshes. Even so, it was getting to be that time again – time to return home, and we packed up our stuff after breakfast.

Emily and I visited the merch tent one more time to look at the rain sticks, and after seeing that they were 50% off (LAST DAY!) we decided, “Let’s get the big one!” I proceeded to carry it around for the rest of the day.

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Friday morning included the obligatory walk to the charging station to awake my comatose phone, call home, and eat a Giant Freezie. We watched David Crowder Band sound-check for the night’s show; there was no electronically-rigged Guitar Hero controller this year, but Crowder did have some kind of keypad attached to his guitar, and Steve the robotic drumset was back there on the stage as well. Yes, the unlikely crazy-haired-and-goateed worship leader was still blowing minds with Reason and creativity….

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John cooked the greasy bacon while Emily scrambled the eggs. We finished in time for me and Emily to get to the Anchor tent by 10AM for the whole service, worship and all (we even spied Timbre a few yards ahead of us). Joshua preached some good stuff again about expectations and entitlements, saying it’s a worldly lie that we can be anything we want to be and do anything we want to do, and we’ll ultimately find more fulfillment anyway in doing what God wants us to do. He also encouraged us to be aware of the places of influence we are in, and a woman encouraged and prayed for all the influential young women under the tent to not be afraid or held back by others’ expectations and limitations, especially within the church.

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Wednesday morning, Joye prepared some precious pancakes for us all. Emily and I walked up the hill to the Anchor tent to catch the end of their morning service, where pastor Joshua something said some cool things about church unity and about getting excited for other people when you see God working in their lives and changing them. We decided to come back on time the next day and bring our Bibles like good Christians.

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Tuesday, as usual, was our first full day at the festival (and even though the “official programming” still didn’t “start” until Wednesday, by this year it had leaked so much into Tuesday that we could look forward to an evening with Switchfoot, a.k.a. the guinea pig band for the new location of Main Stage to make sure all was swell before a dozen bands played on it the following day).

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Well, well, well, the earth completed its cycle around the sun and it was time for another Cornerstone. My fourth – Emily’s fourth – our second together and our only Engaged Cornerstone – and Zach’s first! The three of us made the northward trek in my car to join our respective camp-mates at the festival.

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Friday morning I had some of that yogurt as we finished off the bacon. I joined my friends for the next session of that seminar but soon left to get some more ice for the cooler. John and I followed Mike Faulkner to a vendor tent that had a fire hazard of power strips hooked together for the generous purpose of allowing festival-goers to charge their cell phones. (On the way, they bought Iced Tea; I bought a Sno-Cone.)

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Sometime Thursday morning before the sun rose, a car alarm went off. It went like, “BWENT! BWENT! BWENT! BWENT! BWENT! BWENT! BWENT! BWENT! BWENT! BWENT!” My sense of time may have been manipulated by my tiredness and the sound’s audacity, but I am fairly confident that it bwented for a good five minutes. It kept going and going for what was a ridiculous amount of time. Finally, it stopped, but not before I was awake enough to notice every little sound that chirped and croaked in the night.

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