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Christian Album Sales – Week of 1/31/12

The only notable new album released last week was God, Love & Romance by Fred Hammond. At #8 it was the highest debut ever for the gospel legend, who has been placing higher with every new release. Hammond’s charting history:

Speak Those Things: POL Chapter 3 – 2002 – #38 (N/A)
Somethin’ ‘Bout Love – 2005 – #35 (N/A)
Free to Worship – 2006 – #29 (N/A)
Love Unstoppable – 2009 – #25 (20,000)
God, Love & Romance – 2012 – #8 (26,000)

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Christian Album Sales – Week of 1/24/14

Several new albums appeared on the Billboard chart this week, led by Kari Jobe landing at #10 with Where I Find You. Jobe’s discography:

Bethlehem – 2007 (N/A)
Kari Jobe – 2008 (N/A)
Le Canto – 2009 – #67 (N/A)
Where I Find You – 2012 – #10 (25,000)

Another debut came from Bethel Music with Loft Sessions at #44. I listened to some of this album on Rdio and it seems to feature some stripped-down or more acoustic versions of some of the previous hits that have come out of Bethel. Farther down on the chart we see the latest Homecoming Celebration by the Gaithers and a worship album from Myron Butler. It was a pretty well-rounded week for Christian artists.

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Christian Album Sales – Week of 1/17/12

Gospel singer James Fortune & Fiya debuted at #7 last week. I’m not familiar with them but it’s supposed to be Fortune’s best debut to date. The final album from the David Crowder Band dropped off a bit in its second week but should stay on the chart for awhile. There were a few other albums suddenly reappearing on the chart this week that may have been related to promotions or re-releases or something. The Courageous soundtrack probably sold more due to the DVD releasing last week.

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Christian Album Sales – Week of 1/10/12

They say Give Us Rest will be the last album ever released by the David Crowder Band. The double-disc opus landed at #2 on the Billboard 200, the best ever for the band both in position and in sales numbers. Blocked by Adele at #1, DCB joins Underoath, Casting Crowns, Red, and Skillet among the Christian acts that have hit #2 on the Billboard charts.

David Crowder Band’s selected charting history:

Illuminate – 2003 – #84 (N/A)
A Collision – 2005 – #39 (N/A)
Remedy – 2007 – #22 (32,000)
Church Music – 2009 – #11 (36,000)
Give Us Rest – 2012 – #2 (50,000)

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Christian Album Sales – Week of 12/6/11

I didn’t notice any new Christian releases on the chart this week; things will probably quiet down until after the holidays. The new album from Casting Crowns has now sold over 250,000 copies. The new album from Newsboys re-enters the chart after dropping out last week. Jamie Grace entered the chart for the first time since I’ve been keeping track, so I don’t know how many missing sales she has yet.

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Christian Album Sales – Week of 11/22/11

Album sales picked up as expected last week as Thanksgiving kicked off the big shopping season, and Christmas albums and previously popular albums continued to dominate. The only new album that I noticed was Michael W. Smith’s instrumental Glory, debuting at #120 with almost 11,000 copies sold. This is a bit of a drop from the #70 debut of his first instrumental album, Freedom, which came out back in 2000.

Here are my selected chart positions on last week’s Billboard 200 with the Soundscan data:

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Christian Album Sales – Week of 11/15/11

Christmas sales continued to dominate last week, along with the beginning of an uptick in previously popular albums that we typically begin to see towards the end of the year heading into Christmas season. Chris Tomlin’s “greatest hits” album debuts at #40 – which is actually kinda bad for Chris Tomlin these days. I guess a lot of people already have all his albums. Here is a quick summary of Chris Tomlin’s charting albums:

Arriving – 2004 – #39
See The Morning – 2006 – #15
Hello Love – 2008 – #8
Glory In The Highest – 2009 – #19
And If Our God Is For Us – 2010 – #17
How Great Is Our God – 2011 – #40

The only other notable new release was by Newsboys, with a new worship album called God’s Not Dead. It didn’t sell nearly as well as their last album Born Again, which was the first album with “new” frontman Tait and the band’s best-selling debut in their two-decade career. I’m guessing most fans didn’t really consider the “worship” album like a regular album, or maybe it wasn’t marketed as much; I barely even knew it was being released. It also may reflect a bit of “worship fatigue” as the album performed worse than the band’s previous two “worship” albums.

Here is a quick summary of all the Newsboys albums that have made the Billboard 200:

Take Me To Your Leader – 1996 – #35
Step Up To The Microphone – 1998 – #61
Love Liberty Disco – 1999 – #80
Thrive – 2002 – #38
Adoration – 2003 – #33
Devotion – 2004 – #61
GO – 2006 – #51
In The Hands of God – 2009 – #28
Born Again – 2010 – #4
God’s Not Dead – 2011 – #63

Here are my selected sales of Billboard 200 albums sold in Christian outlets:

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