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7.26.11 – Little Shop Of Horrors at The Muny

Date: 7.26.11
Venue: The Muny (Forest Park, St. Louis)
Event: Little Shop of Horrors

I wasn’t familiar with this play before I saw it, but I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Sometimes when the kinda-nerdy lead guy quickly sang kinda-dark lyrics, he reminded me of Ludo. As far as the plot goes I suppose I should be aghast at the disturbing plant and the moral failure of the protagonist, but I choose to take the story as a metaphor for the old rhyme about “sin taking you farther than you want to go, keeping you longer than you want to stay, and costing you far more than you want to pay.” It shows that a wrong act is not justified by good intentions (such as Seymour being willing to kill the abusive dentist to realize his own desires, masked in an intention to save Audrey), and it shows how a wrong act can grow and turn you into someone you never expected because you have to do something worse to cover up the previous act in a vicious downward spiral until you are no longer in control. I also really suspect that the Rumor Weed from VeggieTales was inspired by Audrey II from the Little Shop of Horrors.

culture log

7.14.11 – The Little Mermaid at The Muny

Date: 7.14.11
Place: The Muny (Forest Park, St. Louis)
Event: The Little Mermaid

I’m afraid I was fairly bored by this one. It had a good production and so forth but I just couldn’t get into the story (caveat: I never saw the movie growing up, either). Ariel was a spoiled brat who thinks she wants to be a human but really is just fascinated with all their shiny stuff, and Eric is a wussy prince who falls in love with a woman he’s never seen and pretty much just hangs out on the beach or in his castle – what kind of ambition is that? Oh well, I guess the story’s not directed at 22-year-old males. I did enjoy the use of children as swaying underwater plants – nice touch!