If You’re more brilliant than the sun
I’d rather stare at You and lose my sight,
Than stare at all the other things
That, without You, would have no light.


If I Could Hold Your Hand

There’s ten mosquito bites on my left leg,
And ten on the right to match them,
But even though they itch so bad,
I wouldn’t be able to scratch them,
If I could hold your hand.

There’s a mountain in the Smokies for climbing,
It’s tough but I think we can take it,
You don’t have to worry ’bout the drop-off,
I know in my heart you would make it,
If I could hold your hand.

There’s a darkness soon after the sun sets
That leaves our directions with only
A hope that we’ll locate the campsite.
You’d never be lost or be lonely,
If I could hold your hand.

There’s no telling what the future holds,
I don’t know what we’ll find at all,
But if it’s good or if it’s bad,
I know that I won’t mind at all,
If I could hold your hand.


I Am Not Rational.

Originally published: August 16, 2007 (Age 19)

I leave me unexplained.
Why do I do the things I do?
I am not rational in my confusion.

And even though it pained
Me to admit that it was true,
It was the only logical conclusion.


Sprinkle. Sprinkle. Trickle Down.

Originally published: May 4, 2007 (Age 18)

Trickle down.
Teasing us
with portends
of the rush
that soon will cascade to the ground.

Make us wait.
Watching for
the signal
that will send
the raindrops crashing to their fate.

Feel the heat.
Dancing are
two clouds with
sparks and protons
until suddenly they meet.

Shake the sky!
Rending holes
in pockets of
the heavens
as they sound their battle cry.

Watch them race!
Falling now
and bringing
life to
every blade and leaf and withered face.

Take a part.
into rivers
every open mouth and empty heart.


No I Will Not Forget Your Love

Originally published: February 13, 2007 (Age 18)

The clouds grow darker by the hour
And finally release
A rush of ice upon my world
That once rejoiced in tides of peace

Now flowing like a frozen river
Threating to blind
The needles penetrate my skin
And I forget the sun still shines

The cold and fury scream at me
With all they have to say
But the fires burning in my heart
Don’t feel like giving up today

Colder, darker, louder now
To fight determination
And now it quietly assures
Its own deserving termination

The very air is fighting back
And tells the ice to go
I give a shout, for everything
That was once was dark is white as snow


My Last Trip To Joplin (In Haiku)

Originally Posted: May 7, 2006 (Age 17)

A long trip of many hours
Music passes time

Extra day to do nothing
Check on myspace here

Farther than I have before
Record and fourth place

Praying that it will not rain
Relays the next day

Falling coldly on my skin
Freezing on the track

Long ride back without much sleep
One o’clock a. m.

With high school track forever
I am satisfied


Two Months

Originally Posted: March 13, 2006 (Age 17)

Two months left in my first life
Of twelve years come and gone
Much learned, much said, much done
And nothing I regret
Save for lost potential
Those I never got to know
Memories that could have been
But never now will be

Do not mourn
You cannot know all
Much love, much care, much joy
You have already known

But is it now too late
So many friendships waiting to be born
And all to be aborted