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July 2010 Monthly Music Guide #5

Looking for something new? Here’s what I’ve been listening to lately…

Children 18:3 album cover for Rain's A Comin'
Children 18:3
Album: Rain’s A’ Comin’ (June 29, 2010)
Style: Energetic power-punk-rock-pop

It’s been over two years since Children 18:3 took the punk world by storm with their Tooth & Nail debut, but their follow-up is not a disappointment. Besides the blistering “Cover Your Eyes,” the album doesn’t feel as fast or energetic as the first one, downshifting just a notch into brisk rock numbers with big intense sounds, but it’s full of catchy sing-along heartwarming choruses, loads of homeschooled talent, and of course the trademark vocal tradeoff between siblings David and Lee Marie. The album’s shorter than we’d have liked, but it tries some new things and assures us that Children 18:3 is in it for the long haul as they admonish us to stand our ground and remain courageous in the face of uncertainty… cuz Rain’s A Comin’!

Standout Lyric: Oh honestly, if you try to find a problem here, you probably will… /
I don’t have the big plan, just small glances /
And every now and then I’m still unsure /
Standout Lyric II: I just want to go home and tell my teddy bear, “I failed, I failed!” /
I turned around the corner just to hear my daddy say /
Oh bravo, You’re the best / You’re my only one
Oh bravo / That will always be enough
In Case It Interests You: The members of Children 18:3 are known as Christians and consider their band to be a ministry.

Brooke Waggoner - Fresh Pair Of Eyes - album cover
Brooke Waggoner
Album: Fresh Pair Of Eyes (July 3, 2007)
Style: Singing-songwriting piano gal’s indie pop with a classical foundation

Brooke Waggoner reminds me of everything I used to like about the nearly-extinct Christian radio female songwriters of a decade ago – all of the enchanting melodies and soothing strings with none of the flashy power pop beats. Waggoner’s classical piano background guides her well, and just because a song starts softly doesn’t mean it won’t suddenly crescendo and pick up the tempo before the coda. With six songs that cover twenty-seven minutes of play, this is no skimpy EP, and with lyrics that express confidence in spite of insecurity and contentment in spite of want, it’s delightful enough that I’m looking forward to getting her full-length albums from 2008 and 2009.

Standout Lyric: I tried my best alone /
But it got me nowhere /
And I can’t do it on my own
Standout Lyric II: He helped me unload my piano /
And then I played him oh a favorite concerto /
He yelled profundo while I played allegro /
And then he tip-tap-toed through my accelerandos /
In Case It Interests You: As far as I know Brooke Waggoner is known as a Christian.

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Wednesday morning, Joye prepared some precious pancakes for us all. Emily and I walked up the hill to the Anchor tent to catch the end of their morning service, where pastor Joshua something said some cool things about church unity and about getting excited for other people when you see God working in their lives and changing them. We decided to come back on time the next day and bring our Bibles like good Christians.

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Tuesday, as usual, was our first full day at the festival (and even though the “official programming” still didn’t “start” until Wednesday, by this year it had leaked so much into Tuesday that we could look forward to an evening with Switchfoot, a.k.a. the guinea pig band for the new location of Main Stage to make sure all was swell before a dozen bands played on it the following day).

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