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7.14.11 – The Little Mermaid at The Muny

Date: 7.14.11
Place: The Muny (Forest Park, St. Louis)
Event: The Little Mermaid

I’m afraid I was fairly bored by this one. It had a good production and so forth but I just couldn’t get into the story (caveat: I never saw the movie growing up, either). Ariel was a spoiled brat who thinks she wants to be a human but really is just fascinated with all their shiny stuff, and Eric is a wussy prince who falls in love with a woman he’s never seen and pretty much just hangs out on the beach or in his castle – what kind of ambition is that? Oh well, I guess the story’s not directed at 22-year-old males. I did enjoy the use of children as swaying underwater plants – nice touch!