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Artist Interview: Flatfoot 56

An interview with Tobin and Brandon of Flatfoot 56 before a show at the Firebird in St. Louis. Filmed and edited by Emily Kathryn Hedlund. (Contains live clips of “We Grow Stronger,” “The Hourglass,” “Smoke Blower,” and more.)

JOSH: You guys have been a five piece for a little while now. What’s different about the band dynamic with Brandon and Eric on board?

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Artist Interview: Dan Smith of Listener

An interview with Dan Smith of Listener after his show in Chuck’s Basement in St. Louis. Filmed and edited by Emily Kathryn Curry. (Contains clips from live performances of “Building Bridges,” “Wooden Heart,” and “I Don’t Want To Live Forever,” and “You Have Never Lived Because You Have Never Died”)

JOSH: I’m here with Dan Smith from Listener. Thanks for taking some time today, Dan.

DAN: You bet.

JOSH: Let’s start with The Chariot video, that’s where I kinda first learned who you were. So they asked you to do the song with them. Did you write the part yourself, did they ask you to write a specific thing, how did that turn out?

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Artist Interview: Josh Ehrmann

An interview with Josh Ehrmann after his CD release show at Off Broadway in St. Louis. Filmed and edited by Emily Kathryn Curry. (Contains clips from live performances of “Listen,” “Twenty,” and “Water.”)

JOSH: I’m here with Josh Ehrmann. He’s a musician from the St. Louis area and he just released his first CD today. Tell me about that CD.

JOSH: Well the CD was recorded in Nashville in March and June in a basement studio with Cody Bonnette, who is formerly a member of As Cities Burn. He produced it, and Aaron, who’s also a member of As Cities Burn, played drums on it. So that was really neat. They’re big influences of mine, and to able to have them contribute to some of my ideas and write songs together was really interesting and fun. And my friend Timbre, who plays harp on mewithoutYou records and stuff like that and has her own band, contributed her voice and harp to a few songs. It was really cool. Yeah, five songs.

JOSH: How did you end up getting in touch with Cody?

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Artist Interview: Destroy Nate Allen (Halloween Zombie Edition)

My Halloween show interview with Nate and Tessa from Destroy Nate Allen. Filmed and edited by Emily Hedlund.

JOSH: I’m here with Nate and Tessa from Destroy Nate Allen. It’s nice to be with you guys.

NATE AND TESSA: Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

JOSH: So how long have you been zombies?

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Artist Interview: Insomniac Folklore

JOSH: Tonight, our guest is Tyler Hentschel, also known as Dr. Folklore. He’s a musician from Portland who plays in the band Insomniac Folklore. Please welcome Tyler Hentschel. [clapping]

It’s a pleasure to be speaking with you this evening.

TYLER: Thanks for having me on.

JOSH: Now, I’ve never been to Portland, unfortunately. What can you tell me about your fair city?

TYLER: It is a real place. It is a town filled with beauty, and bridges, and excellent donuts and coffee. We are surrounded by more national forests than anywhere in the entire world.

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Artist Interview: Matt Swaringim

I’m proud to present The Grace Notes debut interview with Matt Swaringim, a musician from St. Louis. Thanks to Emily Kathryn Curry for filming and editing. We intend for this interview to be the first of many… hope you enjoy it!

JOSH: I’m here with Matt Swaringim. He’s a musician in the St. Louis area. Thanks for doing this interview, Matt.

MATT: Absolutely, man, I’m excited.

JOSH: So why don’t you tell us just a bit about your background, how you learned to start playing instruments, and how you kinda got into music.

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